[Nagnagnag] FW: [Cabaretvoltaire] finally.

Pat Slade pslade99 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 9 12:42:07 EDT 2004

Hey Naggers,

A BCD update.  Also I heard that the Digital Lifeforms (Redux) is just a 
re-release of the original.  I guess we'll know for sure when we all rush 
out to pick it up.

Good times for Kirk fans these days, good times.

Keep on,


>From: "Dean" <3kstatic at tampabay.rr.com>
>Reply-To: cabaretvoltaire at yahoogroups.com
>To: cabaretvoltaire at yahoogroups.com
>Subject: [Cabaretvoltaire] finally.
>Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2004 14:43:23 -0000
>Hi all:
>The hard core group of folks who pre-ordered the BCD  'False Kings of the 
>'Indiana Cuba 7' 12" from us back when the project was THOUGHT to be 
>complete can
>expect a surprise in their post boxes starting next week...with the 
>distributors getting
>their copies thereafter!
>This comes with a sigh of relief and sincerest appreciation for the 
>patience everyone
>has shown by sticking through the delay(s)!!!!
>Many thanks,
>ps: The dPulse website will be updated during the course of the weekend...

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