[Nagnagnag] 'Darkness at Noon' [was: Help!]

Pat Slade pslade99 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 7 11:52:14 EDT 2004

>Question : Probably most of RHK's present output is released on limited
>numbers (1000 copies ? 5000 copies ?), but does anyone have any idea how
>many are actually sold ? I guess most of the recent CV compilations/remixes
>sold pretty well, although the vinyl version of the _Nag Nag Nag_ remixes 
>RHK, reportedly very limited in pressing, was still available from the
>Mutebank last time I checked. The outcome will not stop me from buying his
>stuff, but I was just curious how many others out there do the same, 
>the people on the mailing lists.

Gee, I would hope all of them!  I have no clue who is buying Kirk besides, 
well, all of us.  But I think folks who aren't as active as we are do buy 
his material?  It seems like we there are always new people joining lists 
such as this one all the time.

Also, I think that 1,000 is a good round number, but does the list think 
that is too low?


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