[Nagnagnag] 'Darkness at Noon' [was: Help!]

Stuart Mann stuartmann at btinternet.com
Wed Apr 7 16:26:57 EDT 2004

A big THANKS for all of you suggestions.  I've now tracked down a mint condition copy here in the UK for 11.99 plus p&p from http://www.connectstores.com/kaleidoscope/

Hopefully should get it soon..... along with URP2.... Hurray!

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  Here's a used copy for $9.99:


  And a copy at half.com for $13.99:


  Oh no, I'm letting out all my secrets!

  > stuartmann at btinternet.com writes:
  > >Can anyone help me track down a copy of 'Darkness at Noon'
  > That was released by Touch in 1999 and may very well be out of
  > print.  Touch's original web site, www.touch.demon.co.uk, is no
  > longer operating, however I have been receiving e-mail updates
  > from Mr. Harding via his old e-mail address, a pop account from
  > the old Touch web site: touch at touch.demon.co.uk.  If that fails
  > to connect with him, try the contact page at www.touchshop.org:
  > www.touchshop.org/store_info.php.
  > If you are still having no luck, you may need to resort to GEMM
  > (www.gemm.com) or eBay.  You can also request a used copy at
  > Amazon UK (www.amazon.co.uk).  They'll notify you when they
  > find one.
  > Perhaps a copy is kicking around in Preston at Action Records.
  > Try sending an e-mail to Gordon at: sales at action-records.co.uk.
  > You can also take a shot at one of the many Music Video Exchange
  > outlets in the London area or try Replay Records in Bath.
  > Good luck Stuart,
  > Ross

  > Detroit, Michigan
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