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I've had and still have an Amazon used copy request but, so far, no luck.  I did speak with Mike at Touch at some stage but had no joy, although I will check the touchshop.... I suppose next step is Action, who I've bought from before and ebay, of course....

On a slightly different note - I managed to get a new copy of Orchestra Terrestrial just a couple of weeks ago from Forced Exposure in the US, which I was surprised about as it was a limited pressing.  It has really grown on me and creates a great background ambience when I working at my PC.  Reminds me of Aphex Twin without the beats but it's also very Kirk... what do other Naggers think?  

Anyhow, thanks for your help so far Ross,

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  >Can anyone help me track down a copy of 'Darkness at Noon'

  That was released by Touch in 1999 and may very well be out of
  print.  Touch's original web site, www.touch.demon.co.uk, is no
  longer operating, however I have been receiving e-mail updates
  from Mr. Harding via his old e-mail address, a pop account from
  the old Touch web site: touch at touch.demon.co.uk.  If that fails
  to connect with him, try the contact page at www.touchshop.org:

  If you are still having no luck, you may need to resort to GEMM
  (www.gemm.com) or eBay.  You can also request a used copy at
  Amazon UK (www.amazon.co.uk).  They'll notify you when they
  find one.

  Perhaps a copy is kicking around in Preston at Action Records.
  Try sending an e-mail to Gordon at: sales at action-records.co.uk.
  You can also take a shot at one of the many Music Video Exchange
  outlets in the London area or try Replay Records in Bath.

  Good luck Stuart,

  Detroit, Michigan
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