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Please do

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>Mind if I forward this one to the cabbers?
>>Just a reminder that there are still some copies of Yorkshire Ham 3 
>>available; which comes with the free cd of fan's remixes of Kirk's work. I 
>>still have several copies which people reserved, but have not sent 
>>payments for. If these people still want there copies then please let me 
>>         Regards Jean-Marc
>>ps anyone new to 'The Conversation' bulletin board which is discussing all 
>>the Cabs  / Kirk albums in chronological order and who thinks they've 
>>'missed the boat' and therefore can't participate, fear not. The way that 
>>Richard Sedley has set it up means that each album has its own topic area 
>>and you can add your comments / opinions about a particular album anytime 
>>you like.
>>Go to www.the conversation.org.uk
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