[Nagnagnag] 2 HAI's?

Jon Whitney turbid at turbid.com
Sat Oct 25 23:43:20 EDT 2003

Or it could be a Japanese affirmation, kinda like saying "yes" or "that's
right" but a very polite way of acknowledgement.

On Sat, 25 Oct 2003, Paul P. wrote:

> What do you do when two of your favorite performers release an album by
> the same name?  In addition to CV, the Creatures' new one is also called
> HAI!  I can't just dismiss it as a blatant copy cat, as Siouxsie &
> Budgie are far too savvy for that, but I'm sure they're aware of it
> too.  Maybe they just figure that it's so long ago that no one will
> notice.  Or perhaps it's an homage to CV.  Who knows?
> Paul P.
> Arlington, VA
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