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Wed Nov 5 21:58:51 EST 2003

Anyone know where its being released in the UK??


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> >From www.ear-rational.com ... Anyone have a tracklisting ???
> >Kirk, Richard H. - Intone Unreleased Projects Vol. 1 CD (Intone)
> >[INTONE03CD] $15.25 "This is a collection of previously unreleased dance
> >orientated Kirk tracks recorded between 1996 and 2000, edited and post
> >produced in 2003. More up tempo and uplifting than the previous two 
> >albums, the music has it's roots in 70's Disco (think Fatback Band gone
> >Electronic), House, Detroit Techno and Dub...four on the floor with a
> >twist, filtered through the usual Western Works Studio electronics. The
> >album works equally well in a club environment, or as home listening
> >coffee table disco. The CD includes known Kirk projects such as Sandoz or
> >Nitrogen as well as many new and groovy alter egos. All written, arranged
> >and produced by Kirk."
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