[Nagnagnag] a flurry of Kirk

john smith jean_marclawtonll at hotmail.com
Thu May 29 17:11:57 EDT 2003

After what seems like a (relative) period of very little we seem to have 
been hit by a flurry of Kirk related and Watson related releases recently 
(oh that the two would actually release a collaboration)

I've had a good read of Jon Whitney's comments on the recent Kirk releases 
and very incisive reviews they were, not that I've heard Methodology yet or 
the Yashar remixes. For those of us who have been lucky enough to catch Kirk 
live in his concerts of the last year or so (all in London) TWAT is a very 
good representation of where he's been at (and the Nag3 remixes) its 
interesting that he's let someone else mix it for once (just up the road 
from me and Nic Doye actually) and it benefits from it. For me Kirk is at 
his best when he's composing these longer pieces, you wouldn't call them 
songs, indeed he's not a song writer, but more of an electronic composer. 
Whether Chance vs Causality will ever get an official release as Jon 
wonders, well Chris Watson would have to agree to it too, maybe he would now 
having said no in the past.

Anyway for those of you interested there is another issue of Yorkshire Ham 
available. This one has taken longer to do cos we got carried away with 
delusions of grandeur. Its got the usual news, reviews, stories, articles 
and so on, better pictures than before but it also comes with a cd of 
remixes and reinterpretations of Kirk's work with both the Cabs and his own 
solo work. There's nine tracks including one mystery track. The Cabs stuff 
is of very old material and not the commercial stuff covered to death on 
recent EMI / VIRGIN releases.

The magazines and cds are all ready, but I'm still waiting on the covers for 
the cds. The first batch should be ready by tuesday of next week though. I'm 
not sure of the final price yet as I haven't had the bill for the covers 
yet, however it'll retail at whatever price it all cost to do.

If anyone would like to express an interest in obtaining one, then drop me 
an e-mail so I can have some idea of how many to make available.

      Regards    Jean-Marc

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