[Nagnagnag] now i'm starting to get annoyed

Pat Slade pslade99 at hotmail.com
Tue May 27 13:49:42 EDT 2003

Hey all,

Thanks for updating Nic and pointing out Jon's reviews.

I also was taken back by the clarity on Methodology...I mean you hear the 
words Attic Tapes, and my first thought was hmmm, but really these are 
clean, baby.  Also, this might be the earliest CV, but those guys were spot 
on right from the start.

Yeah, the useless inclusion of URLs purchased but that lead to nowhere bugs 
me too:  what's the point?  Here's a question:  if you're Mute, and you just 
released the Methodology cd, what the hell are you doing putting in URLs 
that lead to nowhere, do you not have your own dedicated CV page at 

Glad to see I am not the only one dancing up a storm to TWAT...god, the 
beats are relentless.  I listened to both TWAT and BCD this weekend.  My 
impressions were that BCD is slightly dubbier, but still has that Agents 
like quality.  TWAT seems to be very beat driven, almost stripped down, drum 
breaks, etc.  Again, though there's that Agents stream o' samples going 
around in the background.  Both albums seem to have bits and pieces of 
previous Kirk sounds which as usual makes me think:  what the heck will his 
next album sound like??  I am of a:  Kirk is going to go someplace else, and 
I can't wait!

We are in good times:  don't forget, we have the Yashar remixes to get down 
to next month (the Alter Ego and Man from Basra ones rock) and if I'm not 
mistaken, won't Mute release the dvd as well?

Keep on,


>And I've finally updated the news section...
>Everyone, please read Jon's _three_ CV/RHK reviews on the brain this
>week. They say everything I'd want to say but can't (because I seem to
>be deficient the CD reviewing gene or something).
>( www.brainwashed.com/brain )
>As for Pat's comment that you can dance to TWAT. Agreed, the kids (19
>months and 33 months old) both loved it. We even did "Ring-a-ring of
>Roses" to it! Mind you, they also liked dancing to one of RHK's mixes of
>Nag Nag Nag!
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