[Nagnagnag] demon with a glass hand...

earthur at attbi.com earthur at attbi.com
Fri May 23 00:26:20 EDT 2003

whoops, that one was supposed to go directly to pat.
no harm done unlike some recent emails i sent at work.

yup, that's the one with robert culp.

there's another sample from the episode: 'the third
part of your brain, what is it for?'  but i forget
which song its from...

i'm not from the future, if anything i'm from the past!  :-)
> That is the one with Robert Culp in it?
> Or are you like, "from the future" by which time they have done the 
> promised remake?
> ;-]
> I totally have to see that episode.
>  From whence samples in International Lang.
> http://www.sciencefiction.com/outerlimits/ol37.htm
> ~R
> At 20:31 22/05/2003 +0000, earthur at attbi.com wrote:
> >pat,
> >
> >i saw the video last night finally, it was cool.
> >
> >not sure why but i also bid on it for $0.99 on ebay.
> >if i win it i'll probably watch it once and donate
> >the video to my library.
> >
> >its for the public good!
> >
> >/ed
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