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Sat May 17 18:56:01 EDT 2003

HI pat

thanks for wishing me to get the cd. i am sure your good vibes helped. there
are a few kirk  fans in sheff who may have got there first.
yes we did go in the shop it also sells second hand books as well . i think
david enjoyed it. i seem to remember they had comics as well,
not listened yet but will let you know!

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>I told someone offlist yesterday:  I hope Mark gets the other copy in
>Sheffield!! :-)
>Also: Was that one of the shops we went to?
>Take care, and let us know what you think, so far, it sounds awesome.
>>btw  for other RHK fans in sheffield he has loopstatic and electronic eye
>>stock and has ordered 4 more TWATs! the shop is called 'rare and ract'
>>so thanks for the tip and remind me who youare because i have forgotten
>>let the kirk fenzy begin
>>mark bassman
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