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mark at finnigan1.freeserve.co.uk sue at finnigan1.freeserve.co.uk
Sat May 17 14:33:42 EDT 2003


i think it was some one on this list or maybe it was at the cabaret voltaire
yahoo club, but i few days ago someone mentioned TWAT had arrived in a local
sheffield record emporium on sheffields division steet. he also mentioned
there was only one copy left. so off i went at dawn  this morning and arrived
as the shop  owner was opening up! i excitedly informed him i knew what i
wanted and had heard of it via the net. he smiled and said 'i know who that
on the off chance i enquired if he had any more RHK cds ....and by george he
did! nitrogen' intoxica' sandoz'every man got dreaming. dark magus'night
watchman' so i was well pleased i havent seen so  many kirk cds together for
years. not even in this shop where the owners are big fans.

btw  for other RHK fans in sheffield he has loopstatic and electronic eye in
stock and has ordered 4 more TWATs! the shop is called 'rare and ract'

so thanks for the tip and remind me who youare because i have forgotten

let the kirk fenzy begin


mark bassman

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