[nagnagnag] TWAT v4.0 : installation is successful...

Mark Fuller dr_vibes at lycos.com
Thu May 15 17:22:56 EDT 2003

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Just collected mine from a local emporium on Division Street, here in Sheff.

Hint: they received two copies today, and the second one is currently sitting in their window display - so any local readers know what to do...

Another absolute killer, IMHO (and Dr. Vibes is not readily given to hysterical adulation).

It's quite hard in places, harder than B.C.D., like his recent live sets (not surprisingly, given its history). Six mostly dark, (poly)rhythmic tracks, spread over a continuous 49-minute mix, plenty of flanging\phasing bizniz a-gwan in der, new samples, plus updates to some earlier recognizable themes (c. Darkness At Noon era). Heating things up nicely for Summer ;-)

"I always wanted to hold a gun...but they gave me hand grenades."


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