Methodology - The Attic Tapes release date [was 'Re:[Nagnagnag] CV - Yashar remix 12"')

john smith jean_marclawtonll at
Fri May 9 14:31:24 EDT 2003

There's been quite a few promo copies of Methodology floating about and cd 
promos of Yashar too.

TWAT has been put back a bit, should be out in Britain on monday 19th May. 
They're all pressed etc so I don't know why its been delayed, the log jam is 
at the distributors


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>And yet bizarrely enough I casually walked into a London record shop 3
>and a half weeks ago and bought a copy of Methodolgy. Sister Ray if
>anyone's interested. They carry all the Kirk stuff and I'd gone in there
>looking for Biochemical Dread. They didn't have that but told me
>Methodology had just come in. And jolly good it is to, although the very
>first track 'exhaust' could well be what caused the riot at their first
>gig! Best track imho is Jive in which you can start seeing the legs of
>Red Mecca and 2X45.
>If this is making anyone sick with jealousy, I still don't have
>Biochemical dread - grrrr.
>Tristan Jutras wrote:
> >
> > > I keep checking Mute bank to see what they are pricing Yashar and
> > > Methodology at(they did do a great job or getting me other CV related
> > > items), but I don't think they are up yet.  Yashar has been moved out 
>to a
> > > June 9 release date...Methodology is supposed to come out when, May 
> >
> > Looks like 'Methodology - The Attic Tapes' has also been bumped to June 
> > (from May 19), according to: 
> >
> > ...and confirmed by:
> > <>
> >
> > I guess our pocketbooks will be spared for a bit longer yet.  :)
> >
> > Tristan
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