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Paul Leaver leaver at
Fri May 9 15:18:04 EDT 2003

And yet bizarrely enough I casually walked into a London record shop 3
and a half weeks ago and bought a copy of Methodolgy. Sister Ray if
anyone's interested. They carry all the Kirk stuff and I'd gone in there
looking for Biochemical Dread. They didn't have that but told me
Methodology had just come in. And jolly good it is to, although the very
first track 'exhaust' could well be what caused the riot at their first
gig! Best track imho is Jive in which you can start seeing the legs of
Red Mecca and 2X45.

If this is making anyone sick with jealousy, I still don't have
Biochemical dread - grrrr.


Tristan Jutras wrote:
> > I keep checking Mute bank to see what they are pricing Yashar and
> > Methodology at(they did do a great job or getting me other CV related
> > items), but I don't think they are up yet.  Yashar has been moved out to a
> > June 9 release date...Methodology is supposed to come out when, May 20?
> Looks like 'Methodology - The Attic Tapes' has also been bumped to June 9
> (from May 19), according to: <>
> ...and confirmed by:
> <>
> I guess our pocketbooks will be spared for a bit longer yet.  :)
> Tristan
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