Methodology - The Attic Tapes release date [was 'Re: [Nagnagnag] CV - Yashar remix 12"')

Tristan Jutras tristan at
Thu May 8 12:31:23 EDT 2003

> I keep checking Mute bank to see what they are pricing Yashar and
> Methodology at(they did do a great job or getting me other CV related
> items), but I don't think they are up yet.  Yashar has been moved out to a
> June 9 release date...Methodology is supposed to come out when, May 20?

Looks like 'Methodology - The Attic Tapes' has also been bumped to June 9
(from May 19), according to: <>

...and confirmed by:

I guess our pocketbooks will be spared for a bit longer yet.  :)


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