[Nagnagnag] Re: Kirk XFM now mp3

JesseBaird at aol.com JesseBaird at aol.com
Sat May 3 04:17:14 EDT 2003

Excellent - now the function of the server is clear in my mind.   I have
really been enjoying the server because it contains numerous CV/RHK releases
that I have been utterly unable to locate, even as a diehard fan who has
spent the past 20 years scouring first record shops then online shops for
material.   It's like we are all meeting and exchanging tapes of rare
material that I otherwise would never hear.  The live stuff and the videos
are great, too.   For that reason I really appreciate Keik's service.

Also, I don't consider our group to be composed of your average greedy
fileswappers who fill up their hard drives with mp3s just to get music
without paying for it.  I order all new CV/RKH/SM releases, whether I have
them on mp3 or not.  If Wicky Wacky was rereleased on CD or LP, I would
order it, even though I have downloaded it from the server.   I download
stuff because as an obsessive fan I simply have to hear it.   I assume that
is why you all do it, too, since much of the conversation on this list is
about how and where to purchase new releases.  So I see the server as
stoking the fires of fandom rather than as extinguishing CV's income stream.


PS:  The Biochemical Dread CD is in my opinion probably the coolest CD RHK
has released in the past 2-3 years.   I really dig the choppy, noisy, mixing

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> I personally have a strong aversion to seeing readily available material
> the server.
> My feeling is that it's there for folks to get that hard, and I do mean
> to find material, out of print, concerts, etc. Wicky Wacky etc. Non cd
> Alphaphone tracks.
> I would be very unhappy if saw some Mute re-issue, Loopstatic, Creach etc.
> on there.
> I know we have all traded this stuff for what seems forever, and most of
> folks I've traded with we always did it to get it each other the tunes we
> hadn't run across yet ourselves. We always managed to finally find the
> originals to buy.
> I was very shocked and excited to run across the Yashar remixes last week
> there. But on the other hand it makes me feel very funny: we are getting
> the material now before it has even hit the shops. I know we are all true
> fans and will rush right out and get the vinyl, but...I don't know, but
> maybe people won't. Maybe they think they don't need to buy it now.
> Also, and I brought this up with Kiek, but once the whole server thing is
> out there, the log-ins are in the public domain as it were here at the
> naglist or cab club...they are out there. My husband was downloading me
> some tracks from soulseek a few months ago, and someone sent him a mail
> said: you know you can get all this from this server and proceeded to give
> him all the log-in details. I am on another ftp, and you do not get access
> until a lot of protocols are followed, everyone has their own log-in, of
> which none of the info is put on a mailing list, it's all done in private
> emails.
> I am sorry to go on, these are just my thoughts. I have expressed them to
> Kiek offlist, and to a few other unfortunate souls this week as well ;-)
> What thinks the rest of you, I am really curious.
> pat
> >From: JesseBaird at aol.com
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> >To: nagnagnag at hollyfeld.org
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> >Date: Thu, 01 May 2003 22:51:11 -0400
> >
> >Thank you! 102mb is a bit out of hand and I had given up on downloading
> >this.
> >
> >On another topic:
> >
> >Like most of you, I have a ton of CV material on vinyl, tape, and CD
> >back to 1978. How do we know if we have something that might interest
> >everyone, so we can propose uploading it to the server? Is there
> >currently
> >a criteria for what is approved? Does it have to be out of print, for
> >example, to be placed on the server? The CV ouvre is so massive that it
> >would probably take up 5 gigs of Keik's server if it was all there . . .
> >and
> >that at 128 mb. I haven't counted in a long time, but when I did a year
> >or
> >2 ago I had more than 80 CV/RHK/Mallinder releases, and I don't have most
> >of
> >what is on the server (or anything involving post-CV Watson, for that
> >matter). So it would be a huge undertaking to list all releases we have
> >for the purpose of knowing what I have that others might want (huge for
> >anyway). Any thoughts?
> >
> >-JB
> >
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> >
> >
> > >
> > > Quick message to let you know I have mp3'd the 102mb wav file on
> > > server - of the Kirk XFM broadcast down to a downloadable size of
> > > 28mb... happy downloading!
> > >
> > > dom.
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