[Nagnagnag] Re: Kirk XFM now mp3

Pat Slade pslade99 at hotmail.com
Fri May 2 11:16:01 EDT 2003

I'm just glad I'm not the only out there that feels this way.

>i agree wholeheartedly. i'm just as anxious as the next fan to hear the 
>yashar remixes, but i'm not going to download them. when they come out, 
>i'll buy them. i've got problems with circumventing the purchase of music i 
>believe in.

I guess I just don't want to take money out of Kirk's pocket, plain as that.

The remixes are good though, and I'm just waiting for Mute Bank to put them 
up for sale.

>this is really a question for kiek. if it were to become more strict then 
>he would have to spend a lot more time administrating the creation and 
>maintenance of all these accounts, and you'd still get some dope out there 
>sharing his login info. it would be a lot more work, and i'm not sure if it 
>would be worth it. it would be a strange struggle to stand up for 
>principles in a culture that just doesn't even acknowledge your efforts. 
>the whole kazaa/napster thing is too ingrained now.

Yes, and I didn't say this before but:  It is Kiek's server, his rules are 
the one's that go.  On the other server I'm on, the rules are very detailed, 
and when folks bitch and moan, I think:  It's not your server, idiot.

I think the server is a great idea, Kiek has done an outstanding job.  Some 
times it's cool to just log-in and look, and really take a sense of pride in 
what we, our small and close-knit little group has done all these years.

>personally, i haven't logged onto the server yet. and i don't think i will. 
>i can't even keep up with listening to all the music that i pay for. for 
>me, half of it is the hunt anyway. it's for the collection.

Most of it I have already, and I just am not into downloading every single 
live show just because it's there.

Question for the group:  What is the London '00 Kirk show, that's my 

Thanks for listening and putting up with me,


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