[Nagnagnag] Re: Kirk XFM now mp3

matthew green greec1 at hotmail.com
Fri May 2 14:50:24 EDT 2003

>I personally have a strong aversion to seeing readily available material on 
>the server.

i agree wholeheartedly. i'm just as anxious as the next fan to hear the 
yashar remixes, but i'm not going to download them. when they come out, i'll 
buy them. i've got problems with circumventing the purchase of music i 
believe in. this is how the artists make their living. maybe with bigger 
acts on bigger labels, the path from my wallet to the artist's is less 
direct. but many of the smaller artists are struggling much more to even get 
their stuff out there. this is especially true with rhk. he's always been 
sort of anti-big label. even the virgin years were generally subversive, and 
they certainly weren't done strictly to make more money.

>My feeling is that it's there for folks to get that hard, and I do mean 
>hard to find material, out of print, concerts, etc.  Wicky Wacky etc.  Non 
>cd Alphaphone tracks.

right. as in stuff that can't be bought anymore unless you get lucky or 
spend an arm and a leg.

>Also, and I brought this up with Kiek, but once the whole server thing is 
>out there, the log-ins are in the public domain as it were here at the 
>naglist or cab club...they are out there.  My husband was downloading me 
>some tracks from soulseek a few months ago, and someone sent him a mail and 
>said:  you know you can get all this from this server and proceeded to give 
>him all the log-in details.

this is really a question for kiek. if it were to become more strict then he 
would have to spend a lot more time administrating the creation and 
maintenance of all these accounts, and you'd still get some dope out there 
sharing his login info. it would be a lot more work, and i'm not sure if it 
would be worth it. it would be a strange struggle to stand up for principles 
in a culture that just doesn't even acknowledge your efforts. the whole 
kazaa/napster thing is too ingrained now.

personally, i haven't logged onto the server yet. and i don't think i will. 
i can't even keep up with listening to all the music that i pay for. for me, 
half of it is the hunt anyway. it's for the collection.

anyway. sorry to ramble.

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