[Nagnagnag] Ultramarine 'Companion'/The Names/The Wake

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Thu May 1 13:14:32 EDT 2003

Subject: Ultramarine 'Companion'/The Names/The Wake

The absolute CHEAPEST way to purchase LTM CDs in the US is
through *DARLA* using the *MEDIA MAIL* option:


If you're in the UK, you can purchase these CDs via James Nice
at Les Temps Modernes:


Either way you go, don't forget to also grab a copy of The
Names' 'Swimming' and The Wake's 'Harmony'.  Both get my
vote for best reissue of 2000 and 2001 respectively.  If you
like The Cure, Joy Division, Martin Hannett, or New Order, you
will love these two discs and wonder how you ever lived
without them!


Ultramarine, 'Companion (Every Man & Woman is a Star Versions)'
(Les Temps Modernes) CD [LTMCD_2352] UK

The Names, 'Swimming + Singles' (Les Temps Modernes) CD
[LTMCD_2324] UK

The Wake, 'Harmony & Singles' (Les Temps Modernes) CD
[LTMCD_2323] UK


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