[Nagnagnag] Biochemical Dread

bhaas swanhunter57 at mac.com
Sun Mar 30 00:20:14 EST 2003

This does indeed kick pretty well, sort of like the harder Sandoz stuff 
pre-Chant to Jah crossed with the first Step Write Run or Nitrogen 
discs. Though maybe I'm not the one to ask, since the first Nitrogen 
disc is still my favorite Kirk release, and I don't think too many 
other people think too highly of it. The usual cool Designer's Republic 
package, too. And it arrived fairly quickly; a few days to be sent out 
after cocosolidciti got my money, and four days in the mail from 
Montreal to Providence. A good experience all around, and many weeks of 
happy listening to come.

Remember that there's someone round the corner who knows your fate, and 
to whom a postcard would suffice. -- Walter Mehring

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