[Nagnagnag] Sluggin for Jesus

JesseBaird at aol.com JesseBaird at aol.com
Wed Mar 26 21:22:09 EST 2003

Indeed, The Cabs have been immensely popular in California for decades.
There is a very large, multi-billion dollar industry related to them, not
only in the Napa Valley but here in the Central Valley as well.  To me, the
Cabs are thus not only a source of entertainment, but of regional pride.
Too much of the Cabs at one time can give you a headache, but moderation is
required in anything involving sensual pleasure.

>> How about that--he even makes reference to "the Cabs", though I'm not
> what they were doing in California in 1997. ;-)
>  <http://www.drgenescott.com/wine_feb02.htm>>

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