[Nagnagnag] server !!!!

Johnny Yesno black_mask at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 22 08:39:37 EST 2003


would you mind changing the password on the server? i keep having the same
problem, and it appears to be the password that's causing it. maybe a one word
password? i know sometimes people are having trouble getting in, but i am
_never_ getting in. i know you have wonderful things inside, but i can't get
there. please help!! i don't want to be missing out!!

check the session below; it's got to be the password.


Resolving host name iambewitched.dyndns.org...

Connecting to (iambewitched.dyndns.org).

Connected to (iambewitched.dyndns.org) -> IP: PORT: 21.

Socket connected waiting for login sequence.

220 iambewitched.dyndns.org

USER mutants

331 Password required for mutants.

PASS (hidden)

530 Login or Password incorrect.

Cannot login waiting to retry (20s)...

Connection closed.




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