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it would have been cool to meet up! sorry i missedyou i forgot my red
carnation and copy of 'art o f the sixth sense' ! gad you enjoyed it. i did
nt have the bottle to speak with the man but my friend and collaborator
martin lilleker did at the end . RHK had 'something else on ' my sources
informed me.

any one else see the performance?


mark f
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>Greetings all, Like Mark, enjoyed the Watson live in the Showroom cinema
>in Sheffield, top night. Huge vaults of naturalised sounds live and
>direct from Kenya and Scotland, close your eyes and you could have been
>literally there, Chris looked composed and focussed sat behind his Apple
>Mac laptop, occasionally with his headphones on to orchestrate the
>pieces, with Jon Wozencroft sat at the rear of the auditorium, looking
>very pensive, directing the visuals.. extremely arty night really, there
>were some Warp-type tunes and projected visuals in the front bar as I
>arrived, and plenty of media intellectuals/students/professionals in
>attendance. The highlight of my night, undoubtedly occurred just after 7,
>as I was idly chatting on my mobile outside the front entrance, when a
>familiar figure wandered past...indeed it was Mr Watson himself...I
>braced myself and boldly extended a handshake, apologising for emerging
>from the dark (or stepping into the dark?) as a complete stranger, and
>chatted to the great man for about 5 minutes...explained my Cabs
>obsession which seemed to break the conversational ice, Chris then talked
>about the show with Jon Wozencroft, he also has some performances
>upcoming at the ICA in April/May on the "Cut and Splice" festival
>(details on the BBC's website, being covered by Radio 3 too), plus
>mentioning it was cool to be back in Sheffield again but that he visits
>RHK regularly. He also plays live in the USA and Sweden frequently. I
>then tentatively asked as to whether Mr Kirk would be appearing,
>apparently yes, and Chris would "introduce me to him", Watson had bought
>tickets apparently for him, and after recovering from these convulsions,
>I eagerly bade CW farewell, and returned to the bar, constantly scouring
>the premises for any signs of combat jackets and pony tails..CW also
>distributed a leaflet describing the "Weather Report" performance. Alas,
>after 4 hours consistent searchin', no sign whatsoever of Kirky. Never
>mind, Watson was superb, well worth a listening if you get the chance in
>London, and a friendly chap to boot! My annoyance upon later leaving
>Sheffield, that I had completely neglected to question CW on the
>collaboration with RHK was tempered in the knowledge that I had at least
>spoken to him! Sad, perhaps, but it completed a top night with Masai
>warriors and antelopes, ducks and gulls, played at sonically devastating
>levels... Hope I haven't bored you too much! Off to dig out Outside the
>circle of fire......Tim
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