[Nagnagnag] Chris Watson last night

TIM LAWLESS timlawless at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 22 09:30:51 EST 2003

Greetings all, Like Mark, enjoyed the Watson live in the Showroom cinema
in Sheffield, top night. Huge vaults of naturalised sounds live and
direct from Kenya and Scotland, close your eyes and you could have been
literally there, Chris looked composed and focussed sat behind his Apple
Mac laptop, occasionally with his headphones on to orchestrate the
pieces, with Jon Wozencroft sat at the rear of the auditorium, looking
very pensive, directing the visuals.. extremely arty night really, there
were some Warp-type tunes and projected visuals in the front bar as I
arrived, and plenty of media intellectuals/students/professionals in
attendance. The highlight of my night, undoubtedly occurred just after 7,
as I was idly chatting on my mobile outside the front entrance, when a
familiar figure wandered past...indeed it was Mr Watson himself...I
braced myself and boldly extended a handshake, apologising for emerging
from the dark (or stepping into the dark?) as a complete stranger, and
chatted to the great man for about 5 minutes...explained my Cabs
obsession which seemed to break the conversational ice, Chris then talked
about the show with Jon Wozencroft, he also has some performances
upcoming at the ICA in April/May on the "Cut and Splice" festival
(details on the BBC's website, being covered by Radio 3 too), plus
mentioning it was cool to be back in Sheffield again but that he visits
RHK regularly. He also plays live in the USA and Sweden frequently. I
then tentatively asked as to whether Mr Kirk would be appearing,
apparently yes, and Chris would "introduce me to him", Watson had bought
tickets apparently for him, and after recovering from these convulsions,
I eagerly bade CW farewell, and returned to the bar, constantly scouring
the premises for any signs of combat jackets and pony tails..CW also
distributed a leaflet describing the "Weather Report" performance. Alas,
after 4 hours consistent searchin', no sign whatsoever of Kirky. Never
mind, Watson was superb, well worth a listening if you get the chance in
London, and a friendly chap to boot! My annoyance upon later leaving
Sheffield, that I had completely neglected to question CW on the
collaboration with RHK was tempered in the knowledge that I had at least
spoken to him! Sad, perhaps, but it completed a top night with Masai
warriors and antelopes, ducks and gulls, played at sonically devastating
levels... Hope I haven't bored you too much! Off to dig out Outside the
circle of fire......Tim


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