[Nagnagnag] RE: Peel Sessions Bootlegs, demos and outtakes

Clive Harris clive at doglover.com
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Slightly corrupting the topic, but...

If someone could compile a list of all these "obscure" early tracks, I wonder just how closely the list would resemble the tracklisting of "Methodology"?!  Maybe, using Kiek's server, someone could make their own pre-emptive bootleg version??? (cue muffled coughing and awkward fidgeting across the list! ;-> )

"Real and Synthesised Sounds of Battle"

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> Hello everyone,
>      Does anyone in the group have a list of all the CV bbc peel sessions and 
> their tracklistings?  I heard the song 'greensborough' for the first time 
> this week.  Thanks to a nag member whose name I won't mention unless they are 
> cool with it.  Also a demo has surfaced in the trading with Walls of Jericho, 
> Jazz the glass, and a couple of other unlisted material.  I have been 
> listening to the cabs since age 16 now 34 and have never heard these tracks 
> which follow Walls of Jericho and Jazz the glass.  They look like demos from 
> around 80 - 82.  I hope someone on this list will know what I am talking 
> about and shed some light.  The listings of Peel sessions and songlist would 
> be of great help too... Does anyone know the tracklist for Methodology the 
> Attic tapes?  Spill what you know!
> that split second feeling.....so sensual!!!!
> Eric 
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