[Nagnagnag] RE: Peel Sessions Bootlegs, demos and outtakes

AVAILERIC at aol.com AVAILERIC at aol.com
Fri Mar 21 09:48:47 EST 2003

Hello everyone,

     Does anyone in the group have a list of all the CV bbc peel sessions and 
their tracklistings?  I heard the song 'greensborough' for the first time 
this week.  Thanks to a nag member whose name I won't mention unless they are 
cool with it.  Also a demo has surfaced in the trading with Walls of Jericho, 
Jazz the glass, and a couple of other unlisted material.  I have been 
listening to the cabs since age 16 now 34 and have never heard these tracks 
which follow Walls of Jericho and Jazz the glass.  They look like demos from 
around 80 - 82.  I hope someone on this list will know what I am talking 
about and shed some light.  The listings of Peel sessions and songlist would 
be of great help too... Does anyone know the tracklist for Methodology the 
Attic tapes?  Spill what you know!

that split second feeling.....so sensual!!!!


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