[Nagnagnag] Yashar remixes (from the Mute site)

Thierens, Danny ThierenD at kochind.com
Wed Mar 19 04:34:38 EST 2003

Cabaret Voltaire : 'Yashar Remixes' : 12" single out May 5th May
After last year's successsful Nag Nag Nag remixes comes this forerunner to
the 3 xcd box set release on The Grey Area out on 19th May. We've just
received the Alter Ego remix this week and it is without a doubt one of the
finest remixes we've heard in a while (!). It's 9 minutes of complete
dancefloor devastation. Richard H. Kirk has turned in a fine electro
work-out on the flip and Sheffield's All Seeing I have added a great 'back
room' remix of the track.

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