[Nagnagnag] Deadly Dreams

Simon Dell simon at stroppy.demon.co.uk
Wed Mar 5 08:02:16 EST 2003

Hi folks,

Has anyone noticed that there is a very rare Cabs item up on ebay:


I picked up a copy of this cassette in a job lot recently.  From the
scan the cover looks original, mine also has the brown paper sleeve
although the photocopied picture is different.  Perhaps there was a
range of different pictures?

It mentions it being on a TDK tape which sounds like it is has been
upgraded.  The original is on one of those completely black cassettes
with no company labels.

Fantastically, for us completists, it comes with a tracklisting which
was missing from mine.

Ty, we can now update the CV discography on the website!

I don't have any connection with the seller, just thought you'd like to



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