[Nagnagnag] RE: Nag3 - RHK Mixes

Nicolas Doye nic.doye at eduserv.org.uk
Tue Mar 4 17:00:31 EST 2003

On Tue, 2003-03-04 at 14:38, Pat Slade wrote:
> I'm glad we are talking about these things here, I like to get them straight 
> in my head.
> I'm at a bit of a disadvantage because the 12" is at home, and I'm at work, 
> so here goes...
> Side 1 has rework 1 and 2...Rework 1 has that 80's/Kraftwerk feel, #2 has 
> that stripped down elemental feel.
> So Side 2 has...Nic, help me out.  I thought side 2 has rework 3 and 4...but 
> there's three songs on it...the first sounds like the RHK remix version off 
> the nag remix cd, then the next sounds like the last song on the first side 
> , then you end with the glitchey thing.

Err, I'm at work too.

Side 2 has mix 4 then 3 then "extra bit ` la Digital Terrestrial".
Although I could be talking utter rubbish.


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