[Nagnagnag] Re: [Cabaretvoltaire] Conspiracy/collaboration

Pat Slade pslade99 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 4 09:11:33 EST 2003


I was just thinking about our trip last year...I'm going through Richard 
withdrawal!  And would love to see all of you again as well.

The main thing is to just get a bit more notice if he does play out live...I 
had at least a month last time to throw a trip together, but when you only 
find out a week or two beforehand that he's playing...it makes it kind of 
hard to get things arranged.

Then I have to convince David...;-)

I would love to, here's hoping we get another good opportunity this year!


>Hey chaps.
>When are we next going to have a get-together?  London based, presumably.
>I'm not actually in much of a financial state for one, at the moment, but 
>maybe in Spring or Summer.  I guess we could wait until Kirk's next 
>expedition, or the next Mute "Irregular" evening, but there's no telling 
>when they might be.  Alternatively, we could try something different - 
>"Sprawl", perhaps?  Or even the "NagNagNag" club night itself?  
>Unfortunately, these are both largely weekday events.  There's always "Eat 
>Your Own Ears" at 93 Feet East, of course.
>Other options would be waiting until some other suitable gig crops up on a 
>Saturday or simply having a lazy Saturday afternoon/evening drinking sesh 
>at a (central) London pub with some grounds of some sort.
>What do the rest of you say to this idea?  Pat - it'd be great if you could 
>come, of course! :-)

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