[Nagnagnag] Conspiracy/collaboration

Clive Harris clive at doglover.com
Tue Mar 4 13:28:39 EST 2003

Hey chaps.

When are we next going to have a get-together?  London based, presumably.

I'm not actually in much of a financial state for one, at the moment, but maybe in Spring or Summer.  I guess we could wait until Kirk's next expedition, or the next Mute "Irregular" evening, but there's no telling when they might be.  Alternatively, we could try something different - "Sprawl", perhaps?  Or even the "NagNagNag" club night itself?  Unfortunately, these are both largely weekday events.  There's always "Eat Your Own Ears" at 93 Feet East, of course.

Other options would be waiting until some other suitable gig crops up on a Saturday or simply having a lazy Saturday afternoon/evening drinking sesh at a (central) London pub with some grounds of some sort.

What do the rest of you say to this idea?  Pat - it'd be great if you could come, of course! :-)

Here's links to the above:
http://home.earthlink.net/~efrans/benford/sprawl.html (halfway down the page)

Any other suggestions welcome, of course - I always like trying new things! :-)

(P.S. - this is a cross-list post, so you might want to modify the address line ...or maybe not!)

"First, we guess!"
(Richard Feynmann, on the nature of scientific discovery.)

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