[Nagnagnag] Biochemical Dread ... available from http: //www.ear-rational.com

Thierens, Danny ThierenD at kochind.com
Mon Mar 3 03:07:02 EST 2003

Biochemical Dread - Bush Doctrine CD (Cocosolidciti) [CSC006CD] $12.50 
RELEASE DATE: 03/18/2003 "Bush Doctrine is an incendiary sonic polemic 
against oily greed mongering and cultural ignorance. BioChemical Dread 
spent much of the 90s travelling through the Middle East, India, West 
Africa, Haiti and Jamaica gathering field recordings.  BioChemical 
Dread is Richard H. Kirk! (Cabaret Voltaire, Sandoz) ...need we say 
more! Artwork by Designers Republic."

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