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Mon Jun 30 08:39:33 EDT 2003

In my humble abode of oak-beamed Tudor cider house, there is, at this moment 
in time, a rather large pile of A4 powder blue magazines resting upon the 
lid of the pianoforte, in close proximity is an equally large tower of cds 
encased within their powder blue sleeves.

Each one of these magazines has been hand-produced, put into page order and 
stapled together. The contents of tit-bits, articles, reviews and down-right 
strangeness have been delivered through my letter-box by the Royal Mail from 
contributors all over the world. The cd has been here there and everywhere 
to get it completed.

Its taken about a year to put together, involved the efforts and good will 
of many folk, most of whom I've never physically met. And you know what; its 
been fun. It will be even more fun to see the pile lessen as your letters 
come in and the envelopes go out all over the world creating some kind of 
transient physically existing network. Its like when people hold hands and 
create an enormous briefly lasting human chain across a country

even better was Mr.Kirk reading issue one and going "well that bits 

oh go on buy a copy........

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>Speaking only for myself (and not for Jean-Marc or anyone else), I think
>it's fun having something special like 'Yorkshire Ham' that *isn't* on the
>It's an obvious labour of love, packed with tons of fun reading, and
>enveloped with a certain DIY aesthetic. As a whole, it makes for a great
>deal of anticipation and ultimate satisfaction that is somehow lacking in
>the instant-gratification world of the Internet.
>Hardly a Luddite myself, I'm as guilty as anyone of partaking of said
>instant gratification. To me, 'Yorkshire Ham' has an old-school charm that
>evokes memories of yore, and would perhaps be somewhat sullied by its
>Then again, Jean-Marc might have grand plans for an RHK-based e-commerce
>empire that he just hasn't told us about.   :)
>For what it's worth,
> > Jean-Marc,
> >
> > Saturday, June 28, 2003, 7:16:58 AM, you wrote:
> >
> > js> In reply to everyone who enquired, requested and asked and to any 
> > who
> > js> may be interested I can now officially open the shop door and 
> > that
> > js> the third edition of that erstwhile organ
> > js> 'Yorkshire Ham' is available for your perusal.
> >
> > Just out of curiosity, why don't you put this on a website?  No
> > delivery costs and maximum exposure for Mr. Kirk.
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