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Tristan Jutras tristan at webspotter.com
Sun Jun 29 14:36:38 EDT 2003

Speaking only for myself (and not for Jean-Marc or anyone else), I think
it's fun having something special like 'Yorkshire Ham' that *isn't* on the

It's an obvious labour of love, packed with tons of fun reading, and
enveloped with a certain DIY aesthetic. As a whole, it makes for a great
deal of anticipation and ultimate satisfaction that is somehow lacking in
the instant-gratification world of the Internet.

Hardly a Luddite myself, I'm as guilty as anyone of partaking of said
instant gratification. To me, 'Yorkshire Ham' has an old-school charm that
evokes memories of yore, and would perhaps be somewhat sullied by its

Then again, Jean-Marc might have grand plans for an RHK-based e-commerce
empire that he just hasn't told us about.   :)

For what it's worth,


> Jean-Marc,
> Saturday, June 28, 2003, 7:16:58 AM, you wrote:
> js> In reply to everyone who enquired, requested and asked and to any others
> who
> js> may be interested I can now officially open the shop door and announce
> that 
> js> the third edition of that erstwhile organ
> js> 'Yorkshire Ham' is available for your perusal.
> Just out of curiosity, why don't you put this on a website?  No
> delivery costs and maximum exposure for Mr. Kirk.

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