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 who should cheques be made payable to jean marc


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>In reply to everyone who enquired, requested and asked and to any others
>may be interested I can now officially open the shop door and announce that
>the third edition of that erstwhile organ
>'Yorkshire Ham' is available for your perusal.
>Alongside the usual articles, news, reviews, lists and improved picture
>quality you get a cd. Entitled 'Yorkshire Fans'
>Nine tracks, including the earlier mentioned mystery track, can you spot it
>though? Remixes and re-interpretations of early Cabs tracks and Kirk's solo
>work, far better we reckon than the EMI attempt.
>Mr.Kirk when told this exciting news two days ago was so impressed he said
>"can't stop; me and Lynn are just off some for some chinese" Full of hidden
>meaning I'm sure you'll agree.
>So to those of you who, in the words of Cecil Rhodes, won the first prize
>life and reside within these British shores (actually I prefer the west
>coast of Ireland myself) the total cost to your pocket, inclusive of
>delivery to your portal via fleetest pedigree carrier pigeon is three
>and fifty pence. Those of you in more distant and colonial realms the cost
>is four pounds and fifty pence or six american dollars. No Euros I'm
>Payment in lovely cash, or cheques from British dwellers or International
>money orders.
>               Send you hard earned to
>                       Yorkshire Ham,
>                        9 Half-Moon Cottages,
>                          Half-Moon Village,
>                           Exeter,
>                            EX5 5AE
>                             ENGLAND
>            Regards     Jran-Marc
>ps:  yes Karen I will aceept your 'usual' method of payment even if it is a
>little 'unusual
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