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john smith jean_marclawtonll at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 28 12:16:58 EDT 2003

In reply to everyone who enquired, requested and asked and to any others who 
may be interested I can now officially open the shop door and announce that 
the third edition of that erstwhile organ
'Yorkshire Ham' is available for your perusal.

Alongside the usual articles, news, reviews, lists and improved picture 
quality you get a cd. Entitled 'Yorkshire Fans'
Nine tracks, including the earlier mentioned mystery track, can you spot it 
though? Remixes and re-interpretations of early Cabs tracks and Kirk's solo 
work, far better we reckon than the EMI attempt.

Mr.Kirk when told this exciting news two days ago was so impressed he said 
"can't stop; me and Lynn are just off some for some chinese" Full of hidden 
meaning I'm sure you'll agree.

So to those of you who, in the words of Cecil Rhodes, won the first prize in 
life and reside within these British shores (actually I prefer the west 
coast of Ireland myself) the total cost to your pocket, inclusive of 
delivery to your portal via fleetest pedigree carrier pigeon is three pounds 
and fifty pence. Those of you in more distant and colonial realms the cost  
is four pounds and fifty pence or six american dollars. No Euros I'm afraid. 
Payment in lovely cash, or cheques from British dwellers or International 
money orders.

               Send you hard earned to

                       Yorkshire Ham,
                        9 Half-Moon Cottages,
                          Half-Moon Village,
                            EX5 5AE

            Regards     Jran-Marc

ps:  yes Karen I will aceept your 'usual' method of payment even if it is a 
little 'unusual

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