[Nagnagnag] i was up way too late last night

Kiek Schouten richardwareham at planet.nl
Fri Jun 20 19:42:45 EDT 2003

Hi Pat,

the following videos can be found on the server

Keep On
Trust in the Lord

will add Colours and possibly a sixth one tonight

Holidays are about to start, and I have this feeling there is a lot of
catching up to be done :-)))


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> Very groovy Jon.
> I'm trying to remember two things:  If I've seen this before, and does
> anyone recall if it's on the server, I'm not hooked up to it at work, and
> know there's some video on there...
> pat
> >
> >http://www.brainwashed.com/common/video/mov/cabaret_voltaire-colours.mov
> >
> >you must have the latest quicktime plugin and it should actually work
> >on netscape
> >
> >jonwhitney
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