[Nagnagnag] Kirk live at The Forum 17/6/03

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Mon Jun 16 18:56:44 EDT 2003

Greetings all,

Lets hope this email contains just a gig review and no marriage proposals or 
clandestine arrangements ! Apologies to anyone who received anything in 
error, it won't happen again I promise.

Anyhow, enough of this tomfoolery. Kirk DJ'd at The Forum on Saturday night 
at an evening entitled "Polysexual", which certainly lived up to the image 
it had created before I had even arrived! Welcoming of the more sexually 
adventurous among us, I did wonder how Mr Kirk would be received and what 
sonic outpourings he would be invigorating us with! Kirk arrived at around 
9.30, played from around 10.20 for just under 2 hours, on a night otherwise 
predominated by the more conventional uplifting housey/garagey pre-club, 
hands in the air fodder we all know and love( or hate). Those of you with an 
interest in his sartorial elegance...read on....RHK was dressed resplendent 
in battered old army camouflage jacket, dark t-shirt, dark trousers and 
white trainers. The ubiquitous pony tail was reassuringly still present, but 
the furrowed brow is looking slightly receding on top!

He was playing after a request from one of his Sheffield mates who DJ'd 
before and after him, called Anthony, but other than that, his identity 
remained a mystery to me. After pretending to walk around and read the Cabs 
"Methodology" flyers on one wall of the joint, about half an hour later I 
plucked up the courage to come out with the usual "Rich....sorry to barge in 
on you like this, but I'm a huge fan" etc etc...to which Richy came out with 
the class comment, "oh nice one, but you won't be after tonight"!! He was 
undeniably nervous about going on a conventional housey evening, he said he 
"couldn't provide the clubbers with what they wanted", which was, 
presumably, to get chemically enhanced. I had a lengthy conversation before 
and after his set, which was amazing-diverse, including thumping trance, 
electro, rappy type stuff, interspersed with thrashy distorted guitar 
tracks. He basically brought his own CD's and no vinyl/mixing or visuals 
were in attendance.

He certainly brought the house down, the lesbian/gay community seemed to 
"dig" him, particularly the half naked man with skimpy shorts and with 
roller skates on and transvestite with wig and dressed suspiciously like an 
air stewardess! Really! I thought he was unsurprisingly awesome, diverse and 
unpredictable, practically blowing out the sound system. He came up to me in 
the middle of the dancefloor to ask my opinion on how loud his set had been 
in comparison to DJ Anthony's!

Following his set, I ambled up to him and Kirky was more than talkative...he 
mentioned that more live Cabs stuff ("fuckin awesome" in his words) is in 
the offing, he is still planning the collaboration with Watson (who was 
performing live in Iceland) and regularly talks to Mal, who is supposed to 
come back to the UK every so often, but hasn't. Apparently the performance 
at 93 Feet East in London was a nightmare, his bass equipment blew and 
certain sections of the audience were heckling him. However, he loved the 
Soul Jazz night last year, but couldn't get to see ACR due to a combination 
of the inimitable leg injury and, apparently, a consumption of certain 
substances that night. Hes also pleased with the reception Methodology has 
acquired particularly given its inaccessible musical nature.

Other interesting Kirky snippets included an art installation in York in the 
autumn (can't remember the venue sorry) and a French radio station picking 
up on his solo stuff and broadcasting a selection recently. All in all, a 
seminal night and one to remember indefinately. He's also aware of a 
burgeoning internet community too (!) but seems, in that idiosyncratically 
RHK way, wary/paranoid of the net...

I'll finish now, an unforgettable, top night.I hope its not the last we hear 
of Kirk live in Sheffield.



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