[Nagnagnag] gasoline dvd

jb jb at dezzanet.net.au
Fri Jun 6 21:17:20 EDT 2003

yeah i really like the gasoline stuff i've seen/heard.  seeing some of
those clips on tv formed part of my introduction to c.v.  i actually bought
it on vhs 2nd hand a while back only to discover the tape was snapped and
so doesn't work.  would be nice to get it on dvd.  i noticed there is no
picture of it on ebay so it wouldn't surprise me if, like you suggest, it's
a bootleg.

so what is the track list for "double vision presents cabaret voltaire",
anyone know?

At 19:07 05.06.03 -0700, you wrote:
>Gasoline In Your Eye is a very cool collection of videos.   The cut-up
>technique is much more realized than even in "Doublevision Presents".  I
>thought it had not been rereleased, so perhaps its a bootleg that someone
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>> hi, i saw a Gasoline In Your Eye dvd on ebay.  does this really exsist?  i
>> have not be able to find any other reference to it on the web.
>> are there any other c.v. dvds i should know about? ( apart from hacienda,
>> know about that one (and plan to get soon)).
>> cheers!
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