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Paul Leaver leaver at lgu.ac.uk
Mon Jun 2 12:22:11 EDT 2003


one for me as always please.



john smith wrote:
> After what seems like a (relative) period of very little we seem to have
> been hit by a flurry of Kirk related and Watson related releases recently
> (oh that the two would actually release a collaboration)
> I've had a good read of Jon Whitney's comments on the recent Kirk releases
> and very incisive reviews they were, not that I've heard Methodology yet or
> the Yashar remixes. For those of us who have been lucky enough to catch Kirk
> live in his concerts of the last year or so (all in London) TWAT is a very
> good representation of where he's been at (and the Nag3 remixes) its
> interesting that he's let someone else mix it for once (just up the road
> from me and Nic Doye actually) and it benefits from it. For me Kirk is at
> his best when he's composing these longer pieces, you wouldn't call them
> songs, indeed he's not a song writer, but more of an electronic composer.
> Whether Chance vs Causality will ever get an official release as Jon
> wonders, well Chris Watson would have to agree to it too, maybe he would now
> having said no in the past.
> Anyway for those of you interested there is another issue of Yorkshire Ham
> available. This one has taken longer to do cos we got carried away with
> delusions of grandeur. Its got the usual news, reviews, stories, articles
> and so on, better pictures than before but it also comes with a cd of
> remixes and reinterpretations of Kirk's work with both the Cabs and his own
> solo work. There's nine tracks including one mystery track. The Cabs stuff
> is of very old material and not the commercial stuff covered to death on
> recent EMI / VIRGIN releases.
> The magazines and cds are all ready, but I'm still waiting on the covers for
> the cds. The first batch should be ready by tuesday of next week though. I'm
> not sure of the final price yet as I haven't had the bill for the covers
> yet, however it'll retail at whatever price it all cost to do.
> If anyone would like to express an interest in obtaining one, then drop me
> an e-mail so I can have some idea of how many to make available.
>       Regards    Jean-Marc
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