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hi jean marc

count me into the .book club'

got the yorkshire ham yesterday . excellent again and a brillant cd. can you
give me details on the costings forthe cd as i am trying to get something
together for a another sheffield muscian


mark bassman
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>I put a mail up some time ago about how with the imminent release of the
>first Cabs material on 'Methodology: The Attic Tapes' would allow us to
>actually play all the Cabs albums in chronological order. There's probably
>very few fans who've actaully been around for the whole trip ie bought and
>listened to every album as they've been released
>Then watching the Scottish sit-com 'The Book Club' (which is disgustingly
>funny and features a gushing american girl at its core) gave me the idea of
>setting up a similar project, but via e-mail and concentrating on the Cabs
>and Kirk's solo work.
>My idea is for those interested to have one week to listen to an album,
>maybe associated singles etc too, and then post comments, opinions etc to
>each other. I might write the whole thing up as a grand overview.
>Presumably if we each set up a group e-mail address of members we could
>converse in that way. I propose to call the project 'The Conversation' If
>interested send me your name and e-mail address that you want to use. Then
>we''ll create a start date to give people a chance to get and listen to
>Methodology and then we'll get the ball rolling. The intention is to do an
>album a week; should take about 70 weeks therefore. A long, but hopefully
>enjoyable haul!
>        Regards     Jean-Marc
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