[Nagnagnag] attic tapes

Richard Sedley r.sedley at cscape.com
Thu Jul 3 14:46:19 EDT 2003

Hi Naggers

I just want to say thanks to Jean-Marc for the latest issue of Yorkshire
Ham. I read it from cover to cover last night - it's great. The RHK
story is beginning to build into a real rock'n'roll tale. I fully expect
to see a heated Hollywood battle for the movie rights to kick off any
time now.

The CD has had a couple of spins at work yesterday and is now playing
permanently on my iPod. If you haven't already sent you money to JM
'what are you waiting for' - a bargain at three times the price. I
enjoyed all the mixes. Having met a few people at RHK events I'm dying
to find out who did what - but I know better than to ask directly.

Richard (Sedley)

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