[Nagnagnag] TV Wipeout

Simon Dell simon at stroppy.demon.co.uk
Thu Jan 30 23:17:12 EST 2003

>One more rarity: (it probably isn't, loads of you probably have it) The TV 
>wipeout video compilation, I think Doublevision put it out. It should have 
>Just Fascination on it, but also and more interestingly, background music by 
>the Cabs. Anyone know if its any good?
>          Jean-Marc
Guess who?  Sorry, this is getting silly!  TV Wipeout is great!  This
time a 'videozine', it is very watchable although a bit dated now,
especially the 'industrial' bits ho-hum.  Yes, it has the Just
Fascination promo, Clock DVA's Resistance promo (never seen this
anywhere else), PTV, The Box, The Fall etc.  Includes an interview with
D. Bowie as a way of trying to sell shed loads of the thing, don't know
if that worked or not...the Cabs 'background music' is 'Lost
Possibilities And Modern Dreams' (note the correct title - it was wrong
on the boxed set) - a soundtrack to Phil Barnes film of his artwork
which includes images from the Time High Fiction cover.

Any chance this will get a DVD release after 'Mute Presents...' and
'Johnny Yesno'?



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