[Nagnagnag] twitcher delights

cars10 carsten at framed-dimension.de
Thu Jan 30 17:37:45 EST 2003

At 22:29 29.01.2003, you wrote:

>BUT, does anyone have the Northern Lights issue one C30 cassette which 
>features a 5 minute version of 'sluggin for jesus' and more interestingly 
>a 5 minute edit of a live version of Western Mantra, live from Plato's 
>Ballroom Liverpool in 1981
>Hopefully it actually does exist in a material form, but there were only 
>50 copies!
>                 Jean-Marc

I actually have the original tape. It does exist.
And yes I could transfer tapes to CD.

- carsten

"In Silence We Rust"

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