[Nagnagnag] the search for the holy grail

Simon Dell simon at stroppy.demon.co.uk
Wed Jan 29 08:23:11 EST 2003

Hi Jean-Marc,

There was a copy of Chapter One on ebay this week, can't remember how
much it went for.  I don't have it but it seems to have the same tracks
as several of the Cabs demo recordings that are about, so nothing that
isn't already available.

And yes, I do have the holy grail!  I only got this recently in a batch
of live tapes I got off ebay (it wasn't even listed as part of the
deal!).  Unfortunately it has lost its insert over the years and I don't
have titles of the tracks.  Through the Chis + Cosey site I identified
which track was by which artist.  Sent an e-mail to Chris but he
couldn't find his copy to enlighten me.  He has put me onto John Balance
of Coil who produced the thing back in 1981 but no response as yet...

Chris Watson's piece is a spoken word cut-up job, and Richard's is a
sound collage.

If someone wants to transfer these to CD let me know.



In message <F1041BO01obk3dc0zz9000023c9@hotmail.com>, john smith
<jean_marclawtonll@hotmail.com> writes
>Okay so Chapter One DOES exist, but does anyone out there actually have a 
>copy of the cassette given away with Stabmental / White Stains fanzine 
>number 002? There were apparently 200 copies and it featured a solo 
>contribution from Chris Watson and a solo contribution by Kirk. If it does 
>exist it should be pretty easy to transfer onto cd and distribute amongst 
>                       Jean-Marc
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