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Clive Harris clive at doglover.com
Tue Jan 28 18:49:39 EST 2003

Apologies for the cross-posting to both lists, but...

I'm afraid I seem to have extinguished any hopes I had for that mythical Studs bootleg showing up!  I went looking for references on Ebay and the web in general and found this link(s):


(Does anyone here happen to actually run this site?  I wouldn't be surprised!  It's fantastic, whoever runs it!!!)  However, it re-iterates here that the Studs bootleg "...has yet to be released in any form".  :-(

Another site which may be of interest (to those who don't already know about it) is this one:


>From which I've snipped this listing:

1980 Northern Industrial Soul
ClockDVA release their first official album WHITE SOULS IN BLACK SUITS via
an invitation from Throbbing Gristle to be released on their Industrial Records
label as a cassette release only. The album itself is a raw pre-amble prior to
the Formation of Thirst. Taken from fifteen hours of improvisational sessions a
five member version of DVA recorded the sessions via a mobile recording
unit. The album was mixed and produced at Caberet Voltaires Western Works
studio. The album includes a tape chance montage sequence in collaboration with
Chris Watson. Richard H Kirk and Stephen Mallider engineered and co-produced
in collaboration with DVA.

This info is, of course, already included in Ty's exhaustive discography at:


I think I can honestly say that I possess absolutely *no* rare/unusual CV-related items!  Not unless you consider "Orchestra Terrestrial" with the "postcards" to be rare, which I don't think it is!

Ho hum!


"First, we guess!"
(Richard Feynmann, on the nature of scientific discovery.)

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