[Nagnagnag] the conversation

Pat Slade pslade99 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 28 11:01:52 EST 2003

Don't be so modest...it's great that you've been willing to share this with 
so many of us :-)

keep on,


>[Blush]...gosh, thanks. Just doing my bit to spread the gospel acc. to RHK. 
>Actually, what if truly no one else has a copy, and I've just conned 
>everyone with tapes of a track I made up myself. (Relax, I'm not that 
>In any case, J-M mentioned that Nic Doye has a tape of it, so he'd be able 
>to vouch for me. Aassuming, of course, that it wasn't me that gave Nic that 
>tape before I contacted everyone else...etc, etc!!
>One of these days, I really _must_ get around to bootlegging that vinyl to 
>make some proper pennies. What with my imminent dotage and all.

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