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Kiek en Julienne richardwareham at planet.nl
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The Chapter One exists as I have a copy myself, I am not sure if I would
trade it for a copy of Wicky Wacky though.
Besides I think you can never say you have the entire lot. OK I am not sure
about this, I do have loads of their output, starting collecting back in 7?,
I sometimes see cassettes I do not have, or didn't bother to buy it when it
was released (even I have a limit in spending money hehehheheheheheee,
ahum???!) ( those tracks on such tapes are usually already on some other
album, and are only interesting for collectors) and I wonder where one has
to give up collecting everything one can get.  I rather collect originals
only though. Some vinyls put to mp3 are great so that they can be played in
my car........, but that doesn't mean I could sell my collection!!

Please any idea about the value of this Chapter One release??? Maybe I could
sell it???

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> Many thanks to all those people who have responded to the 'Book Club'
> seems like its a runner. Yeh it does really mean I suppose that only
> who have all the albums etc could participate, but I don't suppose there
> many Cabs fans who've been there since day one and a lot of us do seem to
> have bought the entire back catologue, so it would be a chance to live
> Kirk / Cabs experience' in chronological order and discuss it as fans
> than have to rely on journalists often crass reviews.
> Thanks also for the alternative title suggestions; 'The Project' is one I
> especially like.
> And for everyone who keeps asking 'when is the next issue of the fanzine
> coming out?' well basically when everyone who promised me stuff actually
> sends it to me!
> Whose going on friday night by the way? Its at 73 Feet East (the old
> Brewery) in Brick Lane london. Same place the Mute Irregular night was at
> last year (remember dancing on stage Clive? Good stuff that Stella Artois)
> Pram are on too apparently.
> This will please you all: new Kirk album (the one that you can download a
> bit of) is the BCD Biochemical Dread album. Its 70 minutes long, has a
> by the Designers Republic and is only available on cd. You will be able to
> get it mail order or from the 'usual' record shops. Don't know the price
> yet. It'll be out 'in 4 weeks, 6 at the latest'
> The Attic Tapes is supposedly out in April so you have until then to buy
> entire Kirk / Cabs back catologue!!!
> Does anyone have the ENTIRE lot? (Mr. Kirk doesn't)....I mean does Chapter
> One actually exist?......has anyone ever seen a copy? I only know one
> who has a vinyl copy of 'Wicky Wacky' (and I know where you live!!! Keep
> those windows locked!)
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