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john smith jean_marclawtonll at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 28 14:27:48 EST 2003

Many thanks to all those people who have responded to the 'Book Club' idea, 
seems like its a runner. Yeh it does really mean I suppose that only people 
who have all the albums etc could participate, but I don't suppose there are 
many Cabs fans who've been there since day one and a lot of us do seem to 
have bought the entire back catologue, so it would be a chance to live 'the 
Kirk / Cabs experience' in chronological order and discuss it as fans rather 
than have to rely on journalists often crass reviews.

Thanks also for the alternative title suggestions; 'The Project' is one I 
especially like.

And for everyone who keeps asking 'when is the next issue of the fanzine 
coming out?' well basically when everyone who promised me stuff actually 
sends it to me!

Whose going on friday night by the way? Its at 73 Feet East (the old Trumans 
Brewery) in Brick Lane london. Same place the Mute Irregular night was at 
last year (remember dancing on stage Clive? Good stuff that Stella Artois) 
Pram are on too apparently.

This will please you all: new Kirk album (the one that you can download a 
bit of) is the BCD Biochemical Dread album. Its 70 minutes long, has a cover 
by the Designers Republic and is only available on cd. You will be able to 
get it mail order or from the 'usual' record shops. Don't know the price as 
yet. It'll be out 'in 4 weeks, 6 at the latest'

The Attic Tapes is supposedly out in April so you have until then to buy the 
entire Kirk / Cabs back catologue!!!

Does anyone have the ENTIRE lot? (Mr. Kirk doesn't)....I mean does Chapter 
One actually exist?......has anyone ever seen a copy? I only know one person 
who has a vinyl copy of 'Wicky Wacky' (and I know where you live!!! Keep 
those windows locked!)

                   Knowledge Through Ski-Pants

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